Other Applications
Describes some of the interactions available or typical workflows for other Structural Engineering Applications

Bentley ISM (Integrated Structural Modelling)

GeometryGym has started to develop connections with Bentley ISM, although features are limited at this point. If you are interested in looking at this then please download the available ISM installer from the downloads page on our website, under the Structural header.


Geometry Gym has not specifically developed tools to go directly from Grasshopper to CSI SAFE. ​SAFE does not directly have an API (similar to SAP or Etabs).
The current workflow would be to create model in SAP or Etabs using the plug-ins available and then use the typical CSI process for generating a SAFE file from within SAP or Etabs. If you are not familiar with this process the Image below shows how to export an Etabs story to SAFE. This should transfer a lot of the information from the Etabs file including geometry, grids, load patterns and cases and even floor forces.
Converting an Etabs Story to SAFE
Ideally, we can help you create as much information as possible within SAP and Etabs to reduce any additional work required when generating your SAFE model. If there is specific information you are wanting to parametrically define in Etabs or SAP which we have not yet implemented, then please contact us and we can look at implementing this.
We do allow you to define a grid system in grasshopper through our Etabs plug-in so I suspect this would help a lot from the onset as this information does get transferred through the CSI Etabs/SAFE interaction.
You can also create templates in SAFE and import into those to set up more efficient workflows.​
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