Rhino Package Manager (Yak)

Installing Rhino Plug-ins for the Rhino Package Manager
We have enabled the installation of our Rhino3d plugins via the Rhino package manager. This should enable most users to be able to update plugins without requiring IT admin support.
Most of our available plugins should be available. If you cannot find one you are looking for please can contact us and we will add it for you quickly. [email protected].
Geometry Gym provides separate plug-in installs for different versions of Rhino (6, 7, WIP, etc) and these are handled independently for each Rhino version. Therefore, you will be required to install plug-ins individually for each different version of Rhino you have on your computer.

Installing __Rhino Plugins from the package manager

Exiting users please read carefully.

Existing Users

If you have previously installed ****any of the GeometryGym plug-ins for Rhino ****prior to installing plug-ins through the PackageManager you should first uninstall or unload all existing GeometryGym plug-ins by one of the two methods below:
  1. 1.
    Uninstall all GeometryGym plug-ins through typical windows uninstall procedures. Commercial users may need IT admin to complete this step. If so, then you can use option 2.
  2. 2.
    Disable all GeometryGym plug-ins within Rhino Options > Plug-ins. Once you have disabled all the GeometryGym plug-ins you can restart Rhino and use then Package Manager to re-install/update the plug-ins. Do not forget to re-enable the plug-ins.
Unload Plug-ins

Installing with Package Manager

1.0 To access the package manager go to the Rhino command line and type PackageManager (TestPackageManager in Rhino6).
Package Manager Command
2.0 You can place gg into the search bar to search for GeometryGym plug-ins or BullAnt for our free plug-in. A tick next to the item in the search result will notify you which version you have installed and if there is a more recent version that can be downloaded.
For commercial users who do not have a current update and support subscription, you will not get a notification to downgrade until using the plug-in.
Package Manager
3.0 Click Install to install the selected version of the plug-in.
4.0 Restart Rhino to ensure the installation has taken effect.

Trialling the tools

The steps to enable a trial or student license of the tools has not changed. Please follow the instructions here: