Common Installation Issues

Suggestions for trouble shooting installation.

Please contact if you have installation problems and cannot resolve them.

Rhino Plug-ins not Loading

Contact us if problems loading the plugin, package manager typically makes installation easy and reliable, installation issues are infrequent.

Sometimes however after updating a plugin, users experience a loading error. Usually this will report that plugin id is already in use.

This suggests that restarting Rhino might fix this issue. Else the user needs to manually purge older versions of the plugin. You can locate the plugin install folder as per this screen capture (change plugin name if not ggRhinoIFC).

You can then browse back one parent level folder. Close Rhino application, and select all folders with the exception of latest version. Delete the folders. Restart Rhino and the installation should be repaired.

Can not see Geometry Gym Rhino Toolbars and Menus

Refer to for staging of toolbars.

Rhino should copy the .rui file from the plugin folder above, to


You can try manually copying the file from plugin folder to Rhino location if you want force the loading of a toolbar.

Due to feedback, toolbars are not automatically grouped. You can follow the steps at the location below to create a toolbar group in rhino.

pageInterface Set-up

Cannot View Geometry Gym Grasshopper Tabs

If these haven’t appeared try one of the following. If still having issues please contact us.

Observe Grasshopper Loading Errors

As grasshopper starts it will generally provide errors if something has not loaded correctly. Check for loading error reports as grasshopper starts. If specific to Geometry Gym then please contact us as soon as possible.

Check Grasshopper Developer Settings

Run Rhino command GrasshopperDeveloperSettings and tick COFF loading. Previous versions commonly required COFF loading to be not checked, so try toggling if having problems.

Grasshopper Plug-in Not Loading

If you receive an error message like the one below when trying to open grasshopper it is likely that something is blocking the Rhino Plug-in counterpart from loading in Rhino.

Our Grasshopper add-ins are typically a satellite to our rhino plugin (this might change in the future). So you need to ensure the rhino plugin is loaded prior to Grasshopper starting. First, check it's not load protected in rhino options. Make sure it's not load protected and scheduled to load rhino plugin on rhino startup.

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