IFC Enhanced Export

Exporting IFC files from Revit using Geometry Gym RevitIFC Plug-In

The Geometry Gym IFC exporter offers advanced features with respect to the typical Revit IFC export. Note the "out of the box" Revit IFC export is run first, so the Geometry Gym process will be slower as the IFC file is written, then read into Geometry Gym plugin, enhanced, and then saved out anew. Refer to follow page on IFC Revision Export for a faster process to take advantage of previous exports.

IFC Export Enhanced Options

In typical cases the IFC export function of Revit should be satisfactory and provide adequate options for the export of IFC from Revit. Geometry Gym do provide an enhanced exporter through the Export IFC Enhanced button which provides some further bespoke features not available in the out of the box Exporter.

IFC Configuration

Options to configure the resulting IFC are nominated by selection of an configuration. The configuration can be changed using the typical Export IFC options dialog (you can cancel the writing of the IFC file). This controls model view definition (including version of IFC) and the like.

Structural Analysis

By checking Structural Analysis the Revit defined analytical model will be written to the IFC file. This can be used to transfer models easily to structural analysis applications.

If your active project has links (including mirror transforms) then our exporter can apply the mirror transformation (where as typical export fails). Make sure Export Links as separate IFC files is checked in the configuration. The generated files will have deterministic distinct global ids assigned to the elements within the file for each link. On our road map is nested links, filtered links and respecting active project view visibility/phase.

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