IFC Examples

A list of examples for the Rhino-Grasshopper IFC Plug-In

Download a .zip file of all the IFC Example Files Here

IFC Feature Examples

Example Type


Import and Export Options

Extract property from file

Read file

Building Hierarchy decompose

Model Definitions

Extract IFC Product by Class

Assigning coordinates to project

Define grid

Project transform

Building storey host placement

Setting Project North

Setting site coordinates

Building stories

Site longitude and latitude

Project Libraries

Creating a profile library

Defining a beam type project library

Defining a profile catalog with classification reference

Project library wall with multiple material layers

Properties and Property Sets

Create property set template

Setting up a COBie property template

Beam property set

Generate ids

Slab pset


Setting and Extracting Beam Quantities



U shape profile definition

Geometric Representations

Swept disk solid from polyline

Defining geometry to an object

Nurbs object to IFC

Revolved solid

Sectioned spline building blend

Tessellated face set

Curve bounded plane

Nurbs curve as proxy type

Interpolated curve

Nurb curves

Advanced brep

Sectioned spine profile

Geometric Operations

Boolean difference in building skin

Elements: Site and Landscape

Generate Grasshopper IFC city site

Elements: Architecutural

Freeform roof

Ceiling generation

Standard wall case with clippling

Standard wall case with clippling and void

Defining railing

Window standard case

Create Roof standard case

Wall open shell

Roof open shell

Extruded wall surface style

Planar panels with parametric naming

Non planar panel plate

Doors standard case

Building shape representation

Triangulated facade

Curtain wall

Wall Build

Sloping roof

Building element part type

Vertically curved slab

Sectioned Spline conceptual mass

Create space

Wall standard with linear door opening

Wall standard via perimeter curve

Elemental wall

Elements: Structure

Standard beam case with attached style with mitres

Assigning a beam standard case

Curved beam fixed reference

Definig a structural pile from curve

Structural beam hosting reinforcement

Beam standard case styled item material

Create footing and column types and instances

Curved beam standard case

Plate standard case

Beam standard case tapered

Beam standard case arc preview

Nested mapped beam item

Composite steel profile

Column standard case taper

Slab standard faceted

Slab standard curved

Slab standard case

Sloping columns

Ball connection

Beam standard case cardinal with active toogle

Non planar beam

Slab standard with void

Elemental wall(stud type)

Elements: Services Systems (MEP)

Generating flow segments MEP

Create composite profile

Generate reinforcing Bars

Define column from solid object

Klein building with shaft openings

Beam priority

Mep flexible pipe

Mep pipe fitting connectors

Mep conduit

Mep pipe segments

MEP pipe fitting

MEP pipe fitting connector

Drainage example

Services pipe with assigned properties

Light fixture

Elements: Infrastructure

Defining a horizontal alignment curve for a site

Elements: Other

Creating a proxy building element type

Elemtent Placement and Mapping

Re map type

Element Assemblies

Simple element assembly


Creating a Simple task

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis Detection of Steel Building

Create standard case column with analysis

Beam standard case with structural analysis attributes ifc2x3

Curved beam standard case with structural analysis attributes divide

Structural analysis cantilever beam

Analysis finite element mesh

IFC Model Examples