GSA Examples

A list of examples for the Rhino-Grasshopper GSA Plug-In

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GSA Feature Examples

Example Type



Model Definition

Setting project header and location


Section Properties

Create explicit general property

Setting mesh finite element attributes

Create beam section profile from lines

Numeric section

Define spring property

Define axial spring property

Define spring properties


Create REGION from Brep

Implementing a structural joint with a stage

Beam orientation from surface and support definition

Create beam with orientation and udl loading

Create simple beam definition

Setting beam cardinal insertion based on setIDs component

Element List by definition

Assigning section property with principal axis toggle

Create a finite element from nodes points

Setting up a local axis of cylindrical type

Finite element with offsets

Set rigid constraints

Defining a link

Create restraints for defined stages

Create structural region area from lines with mesh settings

Transform beam element mirror

Implementing a structural joint

Section property from planar nurbs surface

Rhino polyline to GSA area and region

Create areas which are non planar

Loads and Combinations


Node Loading

Assigning node load moment

Create stage loading stage

Uniform load on panel

Curve point load

Define a load case combination

Projected pressure loading uniformly distributed

Loading from BREP network trib area loads


Generate Analysis Task BRIDGE

Result Queries

Query simple beam forces

Setting up footfall analysis case and task

Query principal stresses for a flat plate

Query nodal mass of simple beam dynamic modal analysis

Query projected moment results of FE mesh

Query deflection of a truss

Design Features

Steel member design utilization of simple beam

GSA Model Examples