BullAnt Examples

A list of examples for the Rhino-Grasshopper BullAnt Plug-In

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BullAnt Feature Examples

Example Type



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Creation Tools: Geometric Pattern Tools

Tesselation_Weaire Phelan

Geodesic Dome

Creation Tools: Model Structure

Generate Truss from Curves_By Length

Generate Truss from Curves

Connect Point List with Truss Type Pattern

Form Finding

Surface Inflation

Mesh Inflation_Inflate to Target Height

Mesh Inflation_Box with Restraints

Mesh Inflation_Polygon

Mesh Relax_Generic Min Surface

Mesh Relax_Costa Minimul Surface

Mesh Relax_Arc Polycurve Extrusion

Geometry Utilities (Point and Vector)

Connect Point Sets

Proximity Points

Geometry Utilities (Curve)

Simplify Polyline

Curve Network to Mesh

Curve to Polycurve

Remove Duplicate Curves

Polygons From Curve Network

Split Curves at Intersections

Generate Curve Network Patch

Network Fillet ORGANIC

Network Fillet

Voroni Cell fillet

Geometry Utilities (Mesh)

Mesh Resize

Mesh Paths

Geometry Utilities (Surface)

List and Tree Utilities

Create Tree from Lists

Dynamic Path Mapper

Misc Utilties

Generate False Color on Mesh

BullAnt Model Examples

Example Type



Relaxed Mesh Roof

3 Pin Truss Example

Recreate Great Court Roof

Elliptical Main Stadium Example

Watercube Using Tesselation