Structural Nodes

Structural Node


Structural nodes can be created parametrically through providing a set of 3d points and assigning structural node attributes.

Node Attributes


Node attributes allow you to set specific structural attributes to the node such as boundary conditions incl restraints and supports (spring supports).

Low Node ID

By setting a low node ID you can set what the lowest ID number that the node can obtain.

You may want to use this when defining Nodes at different levels of a building.





Working with Structural Nodes

Structural nodes defining the ends of curve elements will be automatically detected and generated in the structural model when exported.

You only need to explicitly create a structural node when defining a restraint or load to a structural model.

Applying Node Constraints

Node coincident tolerance

When building a structural model a list of structural nodes are assembled. If structural nodes are set explicitly or beam end nodes are coincident a tolerance can be set to collapse these nodes into a single structural node. The plug-in will automatically set nodes which are explicitly set first and then test for coincident beam nodes.

You can force the creation of a coincident node (i.e one node on top of another by setting the node tolerance input to zero. If no input for tolerance is provided than the plug-in will automatically select the tolerance of the rhino document.

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