Etabs Specifics

Items Specific to the Etabs Plug-in

The below headings relate to specific features within the standard plug-in tabs.



You can use the ggETABSCreateBuildingStorey component in grasshopper to create building stories in Etabs. To conform with Etabs story functionality you must have a minimum of two stories defined in grasshopper.

Etabs always requires you to provide a base story. If a story is defined (in GH) with a base elevation of zero, then the name of that story will then be negated and assigned as the base in Etabs.

Although the elevation of this story will generally be zero, if you do not provide a story with an elevation of zero the base elevation in Etabs will be changed to the story elevation closest to zero and again the name defined for this story will be negated and assigned as base in Etabs.

You can have a multitude of story components on the canvas to define stories separately.

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