Introduction to the GeometryGym Plug-In for Revit

The Geometry Gyms Plug-In for Revit allows for a number of features which extend the IFC Import and Export capability of Revit as well as ****a number of tool which help to streamline the linking of IFC parameters with Revit elements and Revit Projects. Also in this section you can find some information on setting up automated batch conversion of IFC files to Revit.

Import/Exporting Tools

The plug-in provides an advanced IFC file importer to that of the built-in Revit application which allows the update of Revit files with associated IFC file imports and also the import of IFC object libraries. You can also find information on batch conversion of IFC files to Revit and IFC/Revit category mapping within this section.


IFC Tools for Revit

Tools which are specific to Revit and provide ways to add and manipulate element information within Revit. For example to Generate IFC Shared Parameters from an IFC parameter file or provide classification parameters to Revit elements. This also includes the use of the GeometryGym IFC tree viewer within Revit.

IFC Tools for Revit

IFC Tools

There are also a number of IFC tools, ones such as Optimize IFC and IFC Diff which can be utilized from within this toolbar but relate to IFC files directly and do not specifically alter the Revit elements within Revit.

IFC Tools

Structural Analysis Export

Geometry Gym provide a number of installers for the automated transfer of Revit Models to Structural analysis programs. These tools can be provided on request as they are dependent on Revit and Structural analysis program versioning.

Revit to Structural Analysis

If you are interested in trying out these tools please contact us.


Geometry gym currently provides minimal plug-in tools for dynamo.

We generally bypass Dynamo in a lot of our workflows due to the strength of the our exchange between Grasshopper and Revit plug-ins.

The exception to this is enabling the IFC importer to be executed from Dynamo.

We are interested to hear from you regarding this topic and whether implementing Dynamo plug-ins is something of importance to your organisation or team.

Updates to the ggRevitIFC Plug-in

For the latest updates to the Revit plug-in refer to the page below:​

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