Bake Model (Export)

Baking a structural analysis model to the application

Bake Model

The ggBake Component is probably one of the most important components within a GeometryGym Plug-in. This is the component which is responsible for triggering the export of a defined model within the grasshopper script to a structural analysis application. Depending on the application and the different ways we communicate with the program, this may perform differently.

To quickly bake the Model, double click on this component.

When baking to an API or COM interfaced application this should automatically open the program and generate the model to a project. For text-based application interactions (such as SpaceGass and Strand7) this will prompt you to save a file to your computer which you will then need to import into the structural analysis program.

Bake Model Options

The bake model component also stores a lot of the options available when working with different applications. For example, you may select which application version you may want to export to or define which units you would like to bake your model too. You can access the available options for each by right-clicking on the bake model component.

Each plug-in will have a different set of options to choose from depending on the requirements of the application. For specific options in relation to a plug-in visit the specifics page of that plug-in.

Typical bake options are explained below.

Clipboard Summary

When working with a file output format which is .txt this allows you to copy the contents of the structural model file to the clipboard rather than writing directly to file.

New Model Each Bake

By selecting the new model each bake, you are telling the plug-in to create a new project each time you execute the bake. By not checking this option you will be expecting the plug-in to check an existing model be updated from tags associated to the members provided in a previous bake.

For models exported via a file, this should always be selected.

Tag for Update/Replace

This option ensures elements in the model will be tagged with a GeometryGym tag. We can use this tag to update or replace an element in future bake revisions.

Suppress License Warnings

Depending on the program you are attempting to bake to you can select to not see any appropriate license warning which may pop-up during the open process. This is only applicable to applications using an API or COM interface.

Bake Model

By selecting the Bake Model, you are completing the same execution as double-clicking on the component.

Export Model to IFC

You can directly export a structural analysis model you have generated using any of the structural analysis plug-ins to an .ifc file. By clicking this option you can select which IFC Version (i.e IFC4 or IFC2x3) you would like to export to. Upon selection, you should be prompted with a dialogue asking where you would like to save the IFC file.

Export Model to DSTV

DSTV format is an industry-standard defined by the German Steel Construction Association (Deutsche Stahlbau-Verband). A DSTV file is a text file in ASCII format**.**

GeometryGym allows you to export a structural analysis model to the DSTV format by clicking on this button. Upon selection, you should be prompted with a dialogue asking where you would like to save the DSTV file.

Component Selection

There are a number of utilities in the gg Components which allow for mass management of components associated with a specific plug-in.

Baking Issues

As the model is baking to the structural analysis program a log of the baking process is provided in the Rhino command line. This can often be overlooked when finding issues.

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