Rhino8 introduces automatic plugin updates. Having used the package manager to install the plugin, Rhino will automatically update the plugin when you restart if a new version has been published.

Earlier versions of Rhino and plugins for Revit, Navisworks etc all require a manual process to update the plugin, either by typing the PackageManager command in Rhino or downloading a newer installer from the downloads page.

If you have not renewed a maintenance subscription, in the event of an automatic update, you will be warned to downgrade. But manually doing this in Rhino8, package manager will keep updating. There is no option (yet) to opt out of updates on a plugin by plugin basis, you can only opt out of all plugin updates using the setting shown in this image.

In the event you don't want to opt out of all plugin updates, at present the only option is to manually load the plugin from another location. Find the plugin(s) installation folder using as demonstrated here. Copy the version folder you want to continue loading to another location and close rhino.

Delete the parent plugin folder from yak packages, restart Rhino and drag and drop the .rhp file from your new location. Rhino should not detect this as a package manager plugin and should no longer update it upon restarting.

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