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Explanation on converting analysis models

Convert IFC to Structural Analysis

For each of the structural analysis plug-ins in Rhino there is a ggConvertIFC component which will convert a IFC file into a structural analysis model. As apart of this process the Structural analysis detection engine is run.

You can also generate a structural analysis model within the IFC plug-in, generating a program agnostic model and then use that to import into your desired Analysis program at a later date.

Bake to IFC

gg###Stream Bake IFC

Each structural analysis plug-in has a component which allow baking of the generated model data from within grasshopper to a .ifc file through the stream bake to IFC component.

After generating a structural analysis model within grasshopper, create a empty .ifc file in a desired location on your pc. This can be done by creating an empty .text file and renaming the extension to .ifc.

Reference that file into grasshopper and enable the export. The model should now be exported to the .ifc file format.

Convert from IFC

gg###Convert Ifc

Like the stream bake to IFC component, each structural plug-in should also have a convert from IFC component which allows for an IFC file to be converted from .ifc to a file format that can be imported into the desired analysis program.

In a similar fashion to the bake component, create a blank file in a desired location on your PC with the correct extension to suit the text format import file type of that program. Once you enable the component the file should write to the desired location.

Click here for information on correct file formats for the desired programs.

Lastly, import the file through the desired structural analysis program. In this case we have converted from IFC into strand 7.

If you notice parts of the structural analysis not transferring into the desired program please contact us.

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