Defining Element Attributes


Type Attributes

Instance Attributes


Using the provided parameter components in the Revit plugin you can set or create element type and instance parameters for objects. If a parameter is already defined within Revit, than you can set this value, or else the parameter will be created when the information is imported into Revit.

Available parameter type which can be created include:

  • Area Parameter ggRvt AreaParameter

  • Boolean Parameter ggRvt BooleenParameter

  • Integer Parameter ggRvt IntegerParameter

  • Length Parameter ggRvt LengthParameter

  • Number Parameter ggRvt NumberParameter

  • Text Parameter ggRvt TextParameter

  • Volume Parameter ggRvt VolumeParameter

Assigning to defined parameters

When creating elements in Revit there is generally a set of predefined parameters which come along with that element. Using the parameter components you can set these components by name using grasshopper.

If you do not know whether a parameter is predefined than it is usually worth doing a quick trial export and import to understand the parameters which a generated to understand how these can be defined.

Creating Element parameters

If you would like to create specific parameters associated with elements you are creating then these can be defined in a similar manner as above however these will be created on the fly on import.


ggRvt ElementAtt

To assign an element to a particular workset, use the element attributes component at the instance level of the element.

You can assign an element instance to an already created workset within a Revit model or if the workset is not created it will automatically be generated within the Revit document on import.

When using the workset attributes component, you will need to ensure that the IFC export option is set to IFC4 prior to baking. You will also need to ensure that the REVIT project is set with work sharing enabled.

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