SAP2000 Examples

A list of examples for the Rhino-Grasshopper SAP Plug-In

Download a .zip file of all the SAP Example Files Here

SAP Feature Examples

Example Type



Model Definition


Getting SAP library materials

Define an orthotropic material property

Section Properties

Create concrete rectangular property

Setting property profile by string

Create frame property from profile through filename search

Create shell property

Creating general structural property


Create a GAP Link

Create frame beam elements with orientation

Assign frame beam tag labels

Frame element beam with release

Setting diaphragm constraints for levels tree

Setting frame beam name and automesh

Orient finite element mesh face

Create link

Defining a structural area

Non prismatic property section

Non prismatic property section simple tapered

Mesh area divide

Define finite element mesh with multiple props and orientations

Node local axis based on surface

Create a SAP solid

Create structural finite element mesh

Loads and Combinations

Setting up a load pattern and static load case

Setting up load case combination

Create assign point load along frame beam

Creating self weight dead load pattern case

Area loading example load area to frame load area

Patch load frame beam

Code auto wind pattern and seismic set

Apply a load to a node


Setting up Non linear analysis of cable

Result Queries

Query thermal principal stress of shell element

Query axial forces in column

Query results from an existing run SAP model

Design Features

Steel Frame design test

Steel Frame design overwrite function

SAP Model Examples