Conversion Tools

Structural analysis conversion tools

Convert From IFC


Convert from IFC allows an IFC model to be converted into a structural analysis model (of the chosen format) within the Rhino work space. This model can be saved as a separate file in the structural analysis programs file format ready for import into that particular program.

The output quality of the structural analysis model created can sometime be dependent on the quality and data associated with the particular IFC file being imported. When exporting IFC from an external software application, you may need to tweak export settings to get the best results from conversion.

Convert IFC Options

The following options provide a number of ways to help generate and provide analytical model correction or "snapping" together of an analytical model and help map materials and/or profile shapes through to structural analysis.

Plan Node Seek (tolerance)

Vertical Node Seek (tolerance)

Flex tolerance



Horizontal Planes

Projection Planes



Convert To IFC


Convert to IFC allows you to select a structural analysis file from a given program and convert that file into an IFC file format.

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