License Info and Issues

This page provides some of the license features and technical information


Once the GeometryGym License has been installed correctly on your computer you can access these files from C:\ProgramData\GeometryGym.

This folder is likely hidden therefore ensure that your folder view settings are set to show hidden folders and files.

License Checkout

A license is 'checked-out' from a companies license pool whenever a Geometry Gym function is run. If using a Grasshopper plug-in component it will get checked out when the component runs, or if using a REVIT GeometryGym command when the command is executed. Once operations are stopped the license will be retained for a period of time before the license is released back to the pool for other users to use.

Typically the license will be checked out for a typical time of 25mins before the license will be released however this can be changed to the desire of the user. In order to edit the duration:

  1. Find the company shared license file on your computer by navigating to C:\ProgramData\GeometryGym.

  2. Located the file GeomGymShared.xml

  3. Add a duration element to the XML file as shown below and save the file.

  4. The duration should now be updated.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

The minimum duration which can be set is 5mins

Typical License Errors

Error: Rhino Command Continues to show Checking out [Company] license from remote server...

In this case, it is likely that the license server has encountered a rare outage and likely needs input from Geometry Gym to reset the license server. Please contact

A license diagnostic tool can be provided to enable further testing of license issues.

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