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Everything you need to know about Geometry Gym Plug-ins and Tools

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Welcome to the documentation and learning resource for the GeometryGym plug-ins and tools.

About this Guide

There is a fair bit of stuff here so it is worth understanding how it is broken up. Up the top is some instructions on installation and also some information on how the licensing system works. You will also find the Learn section here which includes links to example files.

The documentation (the nitty-gritty stuff) is then split into sections relating to each application we provide tools for (Rhino-Grasshopper, Revit, Tekla). From there it drops down into particular plug-ins provided for each.

Use the powerful search function to search for example files, documentation topics or a particular grasshopper component or rhino command.

Getting Started

New to GeometryGym tools? The best way to get started is to try it out for yourself!

  1. Download all the plug-ins you are interested in the website and follow the installation instructions to get a trial license.

  2. Visit the Tutorials page to watch some step-by-step videos for beginners on some different workflows available.

  3. Use the how-to-guides, example files and blog to get the most out of the tools and develop your own workflows.

Most of our tools use Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to function so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these. We provide some good recommendations in the learn section.

Getting Help

Having an issue with Geometry Gym that you cannot solve from the documentation?

Please follow this guide when asking questions either on the forum or through our support page.

Asking for Help

Features and Requests

We are always looking for ways to improve the tools and getting feedback from the users is paramount to help provide a good working product.

If you are looking for a feature that you can not find or think would help you when using Geometry Gym:

We can generally accommodate small requests with a quick turn around time.

Work In Progress 👨‍🔧

Work In Progress....

If you see the sticker above it means that the section is a work in progress. We will always try to let you know when this section will be available.

Contributing to this Documentation

If you are willing to provide any worked examples, how-to-guides or documentation that you have completed on GeometryGym tool which you would like to share in this online document please do let us know.

There is a contributors page which we would love to add you too!

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