IFC Tools for Revit

Explanation of specific IFC related tools for Revit

Select IFC Imported

The Select IFC imported command allows you to select objects within the current open Revit project via a reference IFC file. It will search the reference IFC file for objects that represent similar IFC objects in the current Revit document that have previously been imported with an attached IFC GUID.

For example if you wanted to select a sub-section or part of the model (say all structural framing members for level 1) in the current Revit you could select an .ifc which only has those members defined in it. By selecting that file the command will select any elements which have an associated IFC GUID to any of the current members.

Select by IFC Ids

Select by IFC Ids Allows you to select elements in the current Revit file by their IFC element tag ID. You can use a semicolon (;) to select multiple members.

Clicking the show button will keep the dialogue box open, but navigate the view to the provide element(s). Clicking OK will close the dialogue box and select the provided objects in the current view.

Convert SP

(Shared Parameters)

Convert SP allows the conversion an IFC XML file (.ifcxml) with defined property templates into a Revit shared parameter (.txt) file.

The idea of this is that a client or governing body can nominate or define what their particular information requirements are within a IFC file. Using the Convert SP command the working bodies can then convert this into a Revit shared parameters file.

Load Properties Mapping

Load Properties Mapping allows the user to Import an IFC XML file (.ifcxml) to add IFC properties to the open Revit project. This will add a parameter to all elements in Revit definition.

You can also provide a text file which contains a list of properties to ignore within the provided IFC XML file. An example of the ignore example file is shown below.

#PropertySets to Ignore
#    PropertySet:    <Pset Name>
#                            <Property Name 1>
#                            <Property Name 2>
# Property Set for [Project Name]
PropertySet: PropertySet1
PropertySet: PropertySet2

Load Properties Families

Load properties families is similar to load properties mapping but also allows for family specific families to be provided through a similar process of importing an IFC XML file (.ifcxml).

Set Global IFC Ids

Revit will generate random read-only Identifiers when importing or exporting an IFC model for the first time. Set Global IFC Ids allow you to set these explicitly within Revit. Maybe based on specific project specific recommendations from a client or owning Author.

You can either explicitly set these values or use the Generate new GlobalIds button to create a set for you. The generate GlobalId and Place in Clipboard button creates a single random Global Id and places it in the clipboard. You can use this to set one or more of the remaining Ids in the dialogue if you only want to provided explicit Id's for certain identifiers.

Extract IFC Ids

Extract IFC Ids will copy the selected IFC element GUID's to the clipboard to be used elsewhere. The IFC GUID is a read only parameter within Revit.

Remove IFC Ids

Remove IFC Ids will remove the IFC element GUID's from the Revit Parameter for the current selected elements.

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