IFC Category Mapping

IFC Category Mapping
An IFC Category mapping file (.txt) allows you to specify how IFC Object Classes will be defined into Revit categories when being imported into Revit.
The importer allow you to import a selected file from your computer or generate a predefined Geometry Gym file which you can then select. The path to the mapping file which will be used is shown in the path section.
An example of a generated file is shown below:
# IFC Class Name and Type to Revit Category/Sub-Category Table
# Maps IFC Class and Type to Revit Category/Sub-Category
# Revised by Jon Mirtschin (Geometry Gym Pty Ltd) December 2016
# Classes can be excluded from import as per following line
# IfcBuildingElementProxy Don't Import
# -----------------------------------------------------
IfcAnnotation DetailComponents
# IfcBuildingElement
IfcBeam Structural Framing
IfcBuildingElementPart Parts
IfcBuildingElementProxy Entourage Entourage
IfcBuildingElementProxy MechanicalEquipment MechanicalEquipment
IfcBuildingElementProxy Parking Parking
IfcBuildingElementProxy PlumbingFixture PlumbingFixtures
IfcBuildingElementProxy SpecialityEquipment SpecialtyEquipment
IfcBuildingElementProxy TinDesign Site
IfcBuildingElementProxy Generic Models
IfcColumn Structural Columns
IfcColumn [LoadBearing] Structural Columns
IfcCovering Generic Models
IfcCovering CEILING Ceilings
IfcCovering FLOORING Floors
IfcCovering ROOFING Roofs
IfcCurtainWall CurtainWallPanels
IfcDoor Doors
IfcFooting Structural Foundations
IfcMember Structural Framing
IfcMember MULLION Curtain Wall Mullions
IfcMember POST StructuralColumns
IfcMember STUD StructuralColumns
IfcMember MULLION Curtain Wall Mullions
IfcPile Structural Foundations
IfcPlate StructConnections
IfcPlate CURTAIN_PANEL Curtain Panels
IfcRailing HANDRAIL RailingHandRail
IfcRailing Baluster RailingBalusterRail
IfcRailing Railings
IfcRamp Ramps
IfcRampFlight Ramps
IfcRoof Roofs