Revit to Structural Analysis

Options for Importing and Exporting from Revit to Structural Analysis Applications

Geometry Gym provides a number of Plug-ins for Revit which enable direct transfer from Structural Analysis applications to and from Revit models.

The mechanism for these transfers



To export a structural analysis model from Revit complete the following steps:

  1. Go to a 3D view containing all the elements that you would like to consider in the export.

  2. Remove the 'Include analytical' parameter in Revit for any small framing elements you also do not want to include in the export.

  3. Define Member usages as required to enable appropriate member aggregation be performed in the Structural Detection and Snapping process.

  4. Click Export Revit within the plug-in tab.

  5. Assign desired export options and then export.

The process for exporting to Structural Analysis from Revit is as follows:

  1. Convert Revit Analytical model to an IFC Analytical Model

Export Options

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