Rhino Inside Revit

Details relating to the Geometry Gym extensions to running Rhino and Grasshopper as a Revit plugin

With the changes McNeel have made to restructure the Rhino application for Rhino7 release, they have enabled Rhino to run as a plugin inside other host applications. In particular, this is powerful when running Rhino inside Revit. This can simplify the process greatly for exchanging models as you can directly access the Revit API.

You can find a demonstration of the Geometry Gym extensions for Rhino Inside Revit included in this presentation.

McNeel have now provided their own set of Grasshopper components which are impressive for base entry exchange. But Geometry Gym components have been developed over the course of 8 years and provide more advanced features and sophisticated output. There isn't a live link so you can control when to update the Revit model, and you can develop the gh script outside of revit where you can experience lag from the overhead of event watchers etc.

You can test this process by installing Rhino WIP (Serengeti) and then installing the Rhino Inside Revit development. The gg Grasshopper components are included in the ggRevitIFC installers.

Here's some test scripts to try from the presentation above:

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