General Tools

General structural analysis tools for rhino

Each structural plug-in is basically at its core a rhino plug-in which allows import, export and manipulation from within Rhino.

Each structural analysis plug-in has a similar approach with some additional tools available for some specific tools available within each.

Manipulation Tools

Strip Model Data

ggStrand7DeleteModel [object Action = Strip_Data]

This command will strip representative model geometry of structural analysis data. You may want to do this when issuing models for co-ordination or to reduce file size.

Delete objects of Model

ggStrand7DeleteModel [Object Action = Delete]

You can delete all representative model geometry and structural analysis data by using this command.

Extract Data

ggSAPGetStructText [Object Source = CurrentModel/Visible/Selection]

Extract data allows you to generate a structural analysis file of a selection of or all of the elements within the current open Rhino file. The selection can be made from either current model which includes all model elements, a selection of objects or objects visible within the open Rhino view port.

Summary of selected objects


After importing a structural model into Rhino, you can select a number of (portion) of the elements in the Rhino view port and retrieve a summary of those selected elements.

Display Tools

Label Nodes


Turn on structural node information within the rhino view port, subsequently you can toggle this on and off.

Label Elements


Turn on structural element information within the rhino view port, subsequently you can toggle this on/off.

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