Example Files

Example Files for GeometryGym plug-ins (Primarily for Grasshopper)

Example files are a good way to learn how a component can be used and the different features of each. Below are links to all the example file pages. Or you can download a zip file of all associated example files directly. Examples are broken into two types:

  • Feature

  • Model (Simple/Intermediate/Advanced)

Feature models demonstrate a feature, generally specific to one or a series of components to demonstrate one way to use the specific tool. Model examples demonstrate multiple features in order to demonstrate a workflow. These can include simple examples of defining a simple beam with loads and extracting results or completing intermediate and advanced analysis on a complex building.

If you have any good examples that you would be willing to share or you require a specific example please do get in touch.

BullAnt Examples

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Examples

Download a Zip of all Building Information Modelling (BIM) Examples here:

Structural Analysis Examples

Download a Zip of all Structural Analysis Examples Here:

Examples have been collated from nearly 10 years of work.

While we have tried too keep them up-to-date with the latest plug-in components there may be instances where an older version of the plug-in was used. These components are generally prefixed with ssi.

In most cases this should not effect the script from executing and you should be able to see the updated component name if you hover over the component.

If you find an error please let us know so we can update the example.

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