Revit Examples

A list of examples for the Rhino-Grasshopper Revit Plug-In

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Revit Feature Examples

Example Type



Getting Started Grids Materials Floor Column Framing

Model Definition

Assigning grids from curves

Parametric revit family placement


Profiles & Section Properties

Generic Element Types and Instances

Simple Concrete Column

Generate a Curved Curtain Wall from Trimmed Surface with Params

Spline Curve Framing Element

Defining a composite wall

Tapered framing element

Create a floor

Revit framing element with mitre

Defining a set of columns with orientation

Defining a curved framing member

Creating a list of revit wall types

Create revit wall type and instance

Create structural framing with parameters connection types

Generating a curtain wall

Creating a structral pile

Creating an inclined roof

Structural framing beam with void openings

Slanted Tee column instance

Creating multiple floors and levels

Creating an wall by arc or guide curve

Setting up columns and footings

Understanding wall alignment

Complex Geometry Types and Instances

Creating nested family types

Ways of creating loft generic models

Swept blend direct shape

Faceted direct shape

Swept blend arch mass type

Swept blend arch generic shape type

Sweep two curves nurbs envelope to arch generic model type

Grasshopper to Revit Adaptive components

Nurbs object into revit

Adaptive component single point

Params/Atts/Worksets/Global IDs

Using global ID poolsx

Assigning worksets to a list of elements

Parametrically defining family parameters

Custom revit profile and orient on arcs

Assigning an instance parameter

Setting a host to instances with parameters


Generation of PLAN Views and SHEETS

Defining structural supports for a set of columns


Create revit family with multiple types

Revit Model Examples

Example Type



Building a truss