Installing Geometry Gym plug-ins and tools
The steps below outline how to install the geometry gym plug-ins for Rhino and Revit. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.
Rhino Plug-ins can now be installed through the Rhino Package Manger (YAK).

Before Installing

Host applications (such as Rhino, Revit or Navisworks) need to be installed prior to our plugin. Most installers will support several of the latest versions of the application.
Know which version of associated applications are installed on your computer. If you're application version is not noted, please contact us.
Some structural analysis connectors are also version specific. You can typically only install one specific version (which will permit legacy use of Grasshopper scripts in the future when newer versions are in use without upgrading or replacing components).
You can download a trial version of the latest Rhino here.

Step 1 - Download Installers

Rhino6 and newer uses package manager to download and install directly within the application. Other developments for Revit, Navisworks etc are provided as .msi installer files available from the downloads page:

Step 2 - Installing plug-ins other than for Rhino

Make sure that Revit, Navisworks or other applications are not running prior to following these steps.
  1. 1.
    Find the installers from the folder that you selected at download or simple use the run command from your internet browser.
  2. 2.
    Run each of the installers by double clicking (windows security might take a few seconds prior to permitting installation).
The installer will attempt to create registry keys (windows) or save manifests to instruct application to load plugins when starting.
When you restart Revit, Navisworks etc, there should be a Geometry Gym panel visible on the panel.

Step 3 - Rhino plug-ins

It is highly recommended that BullAnt is installed as a base as there are a lot of tools in which the other plug-ins rely on for streamlining workflows. Grasshopper will prompt you if it is used in an example file.
After nominating plug-in installation from Package Manager command (TestPackageManager in Rhino6), you will typically be prompted to restart Rhino after installation.
The plug-in(s) should now be installed and ready to use. New rhino commands starting with 'gg' should now be available in the command line along with a number of specific rhino toolbars:
Geometry Gym Tabs and Commands
If you cannot view the 'gg' commands from the command line you may need to manually install the rhino plug-ins. Please follow the link below for some common issues that can occur during installation.
If you are still experiencing issues after these steps please contact us.


After installing, plug-in tab(s) in Grasshopper should appear:
Geometry Gym Grasshopper Tabs
Only tabs which include the plug-in you have installed will be provided.

Step 4 - Request License

Geometry Gym relies on revenues for commercial use of the software developments to sustain full time development of the plug-ins and tools. However, we do provide a 30 day trial to the tools.
You can read more about the Geometry Gym licensing system or inquire about purchasing a full license here.
A trial license needs to be requested prior to being able to use majority of the tools.
To Request a trial license:
  1. 1.
    If you are in Revit or an application other than Revit, try running a Geometry Gym command and the license request dialog should show. If in Rhino, run the command ggZZLicenseRequest command within Rhino and a dialog will present as shown below:
If you have a variant of Outlook/Windows Live installed, you can accept the option for an email to be prepared prior to send. If not, the xml text data needed will have already been placed in Windows Clipboard.
Simply, Paste (Menu – Edit- Paste or <CTRL> v) into an email to Jon ([email protected]).
We endeavor to respond to license requests as quickly as possible (If online it will be near immediately). If you haven’t gotten a reply within a day, please check email was sent or chase up with another email.

Step 5 - Activating License

Once you have received an .xml license file via email. Follow the steps below to apply the license:
  1. 1.
    Save the file in a logical place on your hard drive. This can be save anywhere.
  2. 2.
    Use the update button on the license dialog, or run the ggZZLicenseUpdate command similar to step 3 above in the rhino window.
  3. 3.
    A browser window will appear which will allow you to select the saved license file location.
  4. 4.
    Click okay, and you should retrieve a message stating "Successful License Installation".