IFC File Tools

Other general IFC tools within Rhino

The below provides some of the tools which GeometryGym provides for managing, manipulating, improving and federating IFC files. These are commands which are available in some of the plug-ins we provide but can also be provided as standalone executable files which can be run outside of a native application.

Ifc Merge

The Ifc Merge tool allows the merging of multiple (2 or more) IFC files and then merges them into one federated file.

First the user will be prompted to select the Master file for the merging operation. Once the master file has been selected you can perform a multiple file select for the remaining Ifc files to be merged within. You will need to ensure that all files are in the same folder to ensure you can select them all at once. Finally you will be prompted where to save the merged file.

This tool can be accessed by running the ggIFCMerge command in Rhino3d or selecting IFC Merge from the Ifc Files drop down in Revit.

Caution should be taken when merging Ifc files. Please contact support@geometrygym.com for any queries regarding merging.

Ifc Difference (Ifc Diff)

The ggIFCDiff routine can detect changes between two ifc files, and then generates a third file defining only the changes. You can then import this delta, saving on lots of time in the model.

Ifc Optimize


Ifc Optimize Folder


IFC Convert Id


It might be worth getting a review of the delta by the model authors.

IFC Extract Ids


IFC Find Id


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