Introduction to Revit plug-in for Grasshopper

The Geometry Gym Revit plug-in for grasshopper allows for the parametric generation of native REVIT files and family's within the grasshopper environment. The REVIT plug-in comes packaged with the IFC plug-in and shares a lot of the same functionality.

The REVIT plug-in has been developed to provide a simplified model creation tool specifically for REVIT, utilising typical REVIT type names and functions without the need to set-up sometimes complicated relationships and project definitions required within the IFC plug-in.

User Interface

The image below highlights the REVIT plug-in interface within the grasshopper environment.

The typical tabs and the components within those are explained below.

Base Tab

  • Bake Component (Export options)

  • Model Definition Attributes (Grids and Levels)

  • REVIT Materials and Material Layers

  • Set hosts

  • REVIT Structural Profiles and Tapering Sections

  • REVIT Geometry Modelling Tools

Elements Tab

  • Adaptive Component Type

  • Mass and Generic Model Types

  • Standard REVIT Element types

  • Type Attributes

Instances Tab

  • Adaptive Component Instance

  • Direct Shape Instance

  • Standard REVIT Element Instances

  • Curve Instance

Parameters Tab

  • REVIT Parameters which can be added to a element

Structure Tab

  • Set Analytical Curve Elements

  • Structural Restraints and Member End Releases

View Tab

  • Create View, REVIT Sheets and View ports

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