1D Elements (Curve)

Curve Elements

Curve Elements

A curve element can take the nature of many different elements in reality such as a structural beam, cable or structural link. However for Geometry Gym they are generally stored within a single 'curve element' list with attributed defined

Structural analysis programs generally define the nature of a curve element in one of two ways:

  • Define its type within attributes of a beam element

  • Define it as a completely separate element with different

If the program defines these elements separately then the plug-in will generally have separate create element creation components for each. For example ggGSACreateBeam, ggGSACreateCable, ggGSACreateLink. If not than a member type will be defined in the beam attributes of the component.

Beam Elements



Node Node or Centreline




Link elements work in a similar way to beam elements however, do not have any physical representation and typically provide a rigid connection between 2 nodes.

Cable Elements

Working with Curve Elements

Create a simple beam

Curve Element Utilities

Decompose Beam


The decompose beam component allow you to deconstruct the attributes of a curve element. By inputting the beam element you can explode out the property, centre line, node points, orientation, Name and ID of the element to be used down stream.

This is extremely helpful when importing a model.

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