Integrating Karamba3d with Geometry Gym

This provides some example on how to integrate Karamba3d with GeometryGym

About this Video

A video presentation on some of the ways you can integrate GeometryGym with Karamba3d. This video looks at a couple of different examples listed below:
  • Karamba3d Script conversion to SAP2000
  • Existing GSA File import into Karamba3d
  • GeometryGym GSA Grasshopper (on canvas) script to Karamba3d Conversion
  • Using Karamba3d to Optimise an Existing GSA structural analysis file
Last Updated: 28/08/2020


Tutorial Files

All Tutorial files (including the pdf presentation file) can be downloaded from the following LINK

Software/Plug-in Required

Not all software required for every example
  • Rhino6/Grashopper
  • BullAnt (GeometryGym Free plug-in)
  • ggRhinoGSA (GeometryGym plug-in)
  • ggRhinoSAP2000 (GeometryGym plug-in)
  • ggRhinoGSA (GeometryGym plug-in)
  • Karamba3d
  • Oasys GSA
  • SAP2000