User Interface

User Interface for IFC Grasshopper Tab
The below outline the IFC Grasshopper user interface.
IFC Toolbar in Grasshopper

Base Tab

  • Import/Export
  • Model Definition (Building/Project/Site)
  • Building Definition (Grid/Level)
  • Model Placement
  • Documentation References

IFC Attributes Tab

  • Relationships (assign, definitions declared, nested relationships)
  • UniClass conversion
  • Measure data type properties
  • Standard data type properties
  • Unit conversion

IFC Common Attributes Tab

  • Common Element Property Sets
  • Common Quantity Sets

IFC Definitions

  • Materials (& common material properties)
  • Material layers (& common material layer sets)
  • Common material sets (windows, doors etc.)
  • Material profiles
  • Common profile definitions

IFC Element

  • Generic element types and instances
  • GUID tools
  • Voids and opening elements
  • Furniture elements
  • Geographic element types

IFC Element Building Types

  • Standard building element types (& common properties)
  • Building element proxy
  • Building element part types

IFC Element Building Instances

  • Standard building element instances

IFC Element Services

  • Service element types and instances

IFC Element Structure

  • Structural assemblies
  • Structural connection parts (fasteners and welds)
  • Structural reinforcement

IFC Entity

  • File conversion tools (JSON, XML, Step)
  • Decompose tools
  • Extract tools
  • Find tools (product, property set, property)
  • Delete entity

IFC Infrastructure

  • Alignment curves

IFC Representation

  • Geometry styles
  • Geometric types and operations
  • Mapped items

IFC Resources

  • Scheduling and project management tools
  • Time units

IFC Structural Analysis

  • Detect and extract structural analysis model
  • Node boundary conditions
  • Curve member definitions
  • Load cases
  • Load for nodes, curve and surface elements