Ifc for Rhino

Ifc Tools for Rhino

The ggRhinoIFC plugin allows for a range of tools to import, manipulation, conversion and export of IFC files within Rhino.

Import/Exporting Tools

The RhinoIFC plug-in allows for the Import and Export of IFC files to and from Rhino with a number of different options. See the page on Importing and Exporting for more information.

Conversion Tools

Conversion tools allow for the conversion of other text based files formats (such as XML and STEP) to IFC files. Some of these tools include conversion from LandXML and STEP.

For conversion tools associated with Structural Analysis programs, please see the Structural Analysis section.

Rhino IFC Layers

Rhino IFC Layers is Geometry Gyms tools for allowing IFC file creation directly from Rhino by assigning entities types to a hierarchical layer system separate to. Active context menu allow you to select from available classes and also set Uni-class.

IFC Tools Rhino

This includes the use of the IFC Tree viewer within Rhino.

General IFC Tools

Accessing the commands

You can access the IFC Rhino commands from either the Rhino command line or the ggRhinoIFC menu bar. If you start to type ggIFC into the Rhino command line you can see a populated list of available commands.

Image of ggIFC commands in Rhino